Heather Pitzer

Certified Reiki Practitioner
Lafayette, IN

Hello! I am a Certified Reiki Practitioner and an Energy Intuitive. Reiki is the universal energy that flows within all living things. Energy is stored in different areas of our bodies. These areas are known as our chakras. When our chakras are not cleared, negative energy becomes stagnant. It can cause physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments. Through Science we know that energy never stops, it is merely transferred. Reiki allows me to channel and clear blockages within your body and release it back into the Universe. I found Reiki while searching for a holistic way to heal my own trauma and pain I carried. Through daily mindfulness and self-reflection, my reality began to shift. I discovered my purpose in this life; I am a healer. My ability to read the energy in others pairs perfectly with being a Reiki Healer. It allows me to know where healing is needed within your body. My passion is to never stop striving to be the highest version of myself, and to help others do the same!