Brayden Smith

Certified Personal Trainer
Lafayette, IN
(765) 239-9774

Arrive, with my guidance, to a life more pain-free and able than the life you are living now. My name is Brayden Smith, I am a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM, and my home is here at Sunshine Yoga & Wellness. I have been on my own fitness and PT journey for as far back as I could remember, usually having access to minimal equipment and often times less than stellar coaching. I knew since before my teens, that it would be my responsibility to learn and apply as much as I could, and that would be the only way to overcome some of the privileges some other athletes had over me. What I learned is that with creativity and hard work, you can achieve goals well beyond what you think is possible. I want to share my knowledge cultivated over years of research and application with a variety of exercise modalities for you.            Here at Sunshine, we believe self-care takes many forms, and they all compliment each other. A clean diet helps flush toxins after a massage, which helps recover stronger from working out, all of which help with a clear mind. Massages and detoxes are great and I can’t recommend them enough, but don’t leave out strengthening your body. Book with me to round out your self-care routine, achieve goals in your body and mind, and take the form you’ve always known possible!